I am arriving by plane – does Executive Stay Apartments have any suggestions for transport?

There are a variety of ways to reach your apartment from the airport. Whilst there are plenty of taxi cabs and shuttles that depart from the airport, we do have some other premium services we can recommend. Please enquire when making your booking.

How do I pay for my long-term accommodation package?

Executive Stay Apartments accepts payment via cash, credit or debit card, and bank transfer. If you are staying for more than six weeks, please enquire about our direct debit options.

What facilities are available at my apartment?

Facilities vary between apartments, however all our apartments come equipped with a full kitchen, and a bathroom and laundry. For more information contact us.

During a long-term stay, how often will my apartment receive housekeeping services?

Executive Stay Apartments provides a weekly cleaning and line service for long-stay guests. If you desire more regular attendance we are happy to arrange additional service.

I need a short-term accommodation solution – can Executive Stay Apartments host me for 1-2 nights?

Executive Stay Apartments specialises in corporate and long accommodation, as such our accommodation packages are flexible to reflect the needs of the executive traveller. Whether you need one night, one week, or one month, Executive Stay Apartments has a suite to suit your needs.

I have family members visiting me for a few days – can they also stay with me?

We are sorry, but only the people listed in the booking may stay with the guest. If you would like to book an additional apartment for your guests, please contact the booking officer to ascertain availability.

How check in will be done?

Please call us before you leave form airport or at least 45 mins before we will meet you at apartment to check you in.